Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Getting closer

Trying to get thru this winter that keeps dumping SNOW..
and my thoughts are to get rig... i got Dr appts the 1st few weeks of April,  then more stuff on May 7...
so the 3 week window of nothing will allow me to fly out, & travel home & add mods..
Well my deliver date is getting pushed further & further out.. actually into May now...
Well Connie my saleswoman had a few stock units due to arrive beginning of April 
Both are basically the same as mine, except some interior color differs, & 1 has deluxe paint.

so guess what...  i signed up for the deluxe paint one
So once unit is in, i'll pay it off, get title & paper work & bring to my Insurance & registry & get it legal
Then i'll book a flight & be ready to head out week of 16th

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