Wednesday, May 30, 2018

a few more Mods

Today MyKampah went into garage.. added rear ladder, safety straps, & added Sumo Springs in Rear.
Then took a ride to Nashua to See daughter...  a nice day
Still working at emptying house & need to organize van soon

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

4 day boondock

Just did a 4 day no hook-ups..  Military re-enactment w/e
May 17-18-19-20, 2018...  1st day 85, 2nd 70's, 3rd 50's & drizzle, 4th 70 & showers
Solar kept up fine, heat was nice on a 41* morning..  Hot water shower after a long day.
Cook top & fridge for meals.. inverter to charge laptop & camera batteries..
Fun w/e  got 2200 pics

Spent some time after w/e moving things around & organizing to make more room..

Saturday, May 5, 2018


started doing some mods & loading with stuff i think i need to take,
well after all in & need more space i realize a lot of stuff i probably won't need.

But will be shooting a military event in a few weeks, so  have to prep for that..

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Picking up My Kampah

Apr 30, 2018.. Made the Fly to Dayton Ohio, picked up MyKampah..
Got the walk thru at Lewis RV in Dayton Ohio..  was a fairly new tech
so we both taught each other a little bit, but all in all, everything worked great
Got to meet Ray Lewis, nice guy..  got to shop about 1pm, & was on road by 4..
Went down the road to a WalMart, bought a few things i didn't pack, pillow, sheets, towel, & Food & Water..  then left there & headed to a Flying J's for the night

Slept like a rock where i started the day at like 3am...  was a little chilly in AM [40's] but not bad in rig, got up, had breakfast & coffee & on road by 6am..  Drove a good part of day & went further than planned, thus got me closer to home..
The Promaster is an awesome rig to drive, & quite peppy too, had places i found myself going 80. a few blind spots i need to get use to.. never really used the split mirrors b4

I have come to realize that it's not just MA that has shitty roads, especially Highways.. Ohio was pothole highways.. and NY, ruts, bumps holes, then the concrete grooved ones that makes it sound like you got something in your tire.. and to top it off, you have to PAY to use these road.. for approx 350 miles it cost $40 nin tolls. Speed limit is 70

well last 1st day was like 30 miles, 1st full day of driving was 600 miles & last day 200 mi to home.
GPS, Garmin RV 660LMT RV  was a great tool in directions.. though in NY i kept alerting to turn Propane off.. and even when i did it still would keep alerting & could not figure how to turn that off. annoying..  and then last day i wonder if i hit avoid tolls, cause it brought me thru some strange rural roads & thru mountains where i was getting worried cause i never saw another car.. but finally got to MA 2.. & road was better..

This is me with owner Ray Lewis.. I also included a few maps of trip home

This is Rig
 This is whole route home
This was my mountain adventure 
If you ever follow Rt 2 into NY,, oh my