Friday, February 23, 2018

Mods & Camera

preparing for rig & travels

Collection of Mods

and my Camera gear to capture the USA

Monday, February 19, 2018

2 months til arrival

Delivery time from Lewis RV, still saying mid April [2 months to go]
The wait is killing me, but really wanna wait til Winter is near done.
Seeing some pics of 2019 changes
one is the new configuration of window, 
i guess the change was to be more unified between 2 models, 
but also for size of new Acrylic windows too [i stayed with glass]
This shot is what mine will look like

But in this down time of winter i am able to buy some things to make life on the road better
Got a rear door ladder, & will mount bike rack on that, along with a Trashroo bag
Sumo Springs to help with sway,  and a Cab window cover for privacy
a WeBoost for boosting cell coverage,  and a Garmin 660 RV GPS to help me find my way
Got my surge protector to protect my electronics when i plug in
Plus some other misc stuff.. but the rest will have to wait til i get unit

Oh, and i did get a small flag made up to fly off my rear ladder

Now lets hope winter gets this cold & snow out of its system over the next few months