Saturday, June 6, 2020

4/23-6/6-2020 COVID19 East Coast w/ Family

did my 2 week quarantine, then was able to spend time w/ sisters|
Mothers Day & Memorial day, good to see family & Friends

been doing mods to MyKampah + service work & new tires
still got to finish Wifi boost mount & roof rack
Hoping to get on road by mid July as long as planned events don't get cancelled

Monday, April 20, 2020

Apr 14-19, 2020 Coast to Coast

COVID-19 hit the US while i was in Calif..
Campgrounds across the states closed,
along with State & National Parks & lots of attractions too.
Not knowing its future & a little fear of catching it,

After spending a month in Isolation in CA central coast,
i decided to head back to East Coast to be near family & friends..
Travels will continue when things get back to normal..
or see what the new normal will be..
Pics are random on road shots along way

Then my 14 day self isolation

4/7-12/20 CA

a few more Isolation pics while hanging in CA..